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May 14, 2015

Love your work

I just enjoyed my second read from this series. Once Upon A Grind. Very enjoyable and I plan to mention it in my blog " Creek Side Musings" Susan Williamson
May 8, 2015


Thanks for the wonderful books and fantastic recipes. I look forest to each new book, and love trying all the recipes that are included!!! Keep the books coming and I will continue to make them a part of my day.
May 8, 2015

Cleo Coyle Books are a Wonderful Mystery Series of Books

I have read all the Cleo Coyle books. I can't wait for number 15 coming out in December. It is the best mystery series I have ever read. I am a true fan of all the books in this series! I hope you continue to keep the series going for a long time. I think quite a few of the books would make great movies! Maybe a series of movies...hint...hint. I am sure they would be a hit! Keep up the great work! I can't wait for book number 15!!!
May 7, 2015

Love your books and recipes

I am currently getting ready to move and I have been stock piling your recipes so I can relax in my new kitchen and hopefully amaze my family with my new culinary skills! I guess if I don't wow them I could just lose myself in one of your delightful mysteries instead! Looks like a win win situation for me!
May 6, 2015

Visit Portland OR - coffee town

How about coming to Portland OR checking out our coffee and maybe getting an idea for a mystery on the West Coast. Maybe Clare could take a vacation and a murder happens. Thanks for the fun reads
April 29, 2015

Haunted Bookshop...

When are we going to see a new Haunted Bookshop mystery?
April 6, 2015

I need a new coffee house mystery!

When can we expect a new mystery?
April 2, 2015

Burr Coffee Grinder

My sisters and I love the Coffee House Mystery books, and we have tried so many recipes which all turn out wonderfully! Can you recommend a burr coffee grinder? My sister's birthday is coming up and she really wants one so I want to surprise her. Thank You! Mary in Ontario, Canada
March 20, 2015

Once Upon a Grind

I absolutely loved Once Upon a Grind, Cleo, your writing is magic, and the ending was amazing. Now I can't wait to see what happens next! Thank you for so many hours of reading pleasure, and I also wanted to tell you that I enjoyed the Central Park walking tour you posted. I'm looking forward to visiting New York one day and I will not miss the park. I enjoyed how you used it in your mystery, too. Charlene in Ohio

March 20, 2015

Once Upon a Grind

have enjoyed all your books and characters

March 19, 2015

Re: Lime Chicken

Made the Lime Chicken recipe and LOVE it! The Rosemary/Lime Slurry is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this - it is a definite keeper. Also, made the Chocolate Ricotta muffins and did have to add some cinnamon to it as really like a chocolate/cinnamon flavor. Made these many times and all who partook - loved. Thanks again. Jan from Illinois
March 4, 2015

Thank you

This is wonderful advice and just a really great addition to their scrapbooks !!! Thanks so much again!!! JoLynn
February 24, 2015

Sweet 16 Messages for Abby and Melissa

4 years ago you wrote a beautiful message for my daughter Olivia's 16th birthday. It is now a special part of her scrapbook. My daughter Abby turned 16 2 years ago and my daughter Melissa will turn 16 in April. Would you consider doing a message for each of their books? It does not have to be as long OR you could cut and paste the one you did for Olivia. It was such great advice!! Melissa is my youngest so this is the last time I will ask and thanks so much!!

~ JoLynn Webster


Cleo's reply:

Dear JoLynn,

If I knew nothing else about you (and I don't), I'd know this: Your quest to put together scrapbooks for your daughters clearly shows you to be one amazing mom. I am tremendously flattered that you would like to include me in this endeavor and I'm more than happy to oblige...


*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *


Dear Abby and Melissa,

First of all, I hope you know how special your mother is for putting together these scrapbooks for your 16th birthdays. While many mothers love their children, far too few consider how to give them something beyond the concrete: food, shelter, clothing, trinkets.

     These special "things" we receive in life (rings, watches, trophies, diplomas, medals) are only valuable when they are vested with some kind of meaning. Your mom has so much imagination and foresight that she has jumped past the concrete and right to the meaning. And that is why, whether you realize it at this age or not, your mom is a very special woman indeed, which means you are very lucky daughters.

     And now for my own message to you on this very important birthday...

* * * * * * *

Printed out on a piece of paper, hanging above the desk where I write is a quote from the poet and novelist Sylvia Plath.


 "The worst enemy to 

creativity is self-doubt." 


     That saying is easy enough to understand on the face of it. But there is more in that warning than many people realize.

      You see, doubting oneself can happen at any juncture in life and it can poison anything, not just creativity. And here's the real kicker: Self-doubt doesn't always begin with the self.

     This may seem a terribly odd message to give you on your birthday, but it's one that I wish I had received at your age. It's a message that teachers and parents may find far too difficult or uncomfortable to give. But it's a message that might just become your flotation device one day in the future. And so, with a deep breath (and a reminder to all how very difficult growing up can be), here is my message...

     Beware of friends, family, teachers, bosses, co-workers, or fellow students -- in short, beware of anyone whose words or actions toward you are tinged with the ugly goal of making you trip, fumble, or doubt yourself.

     Oh, sure, we all need to be aware of our shortcomings. We need to be self-reflective, admit that we aren't perfect and own up to our faults and mistakes. If someone is honestly trying to help you become a better person, then three cheers for him (or her). But if someone is using criticism (warranted or unwarranted) just to tear you down, well then, I say: Get tough, Abby and Melissa. Be brave, be strong, and don't let that person succeed in undercutting you.

     In your bones you'll know the difference between the people who mean you well and the ones who mean you harm. There will be situations where people who should be expressing joy for you do not. Instead, they will say things that undermine you, make you feel bad, make you wonder if you are wrong or did something wrong. They may not even say a thing to you. They may ignore you and that's the way they'll hurt you. Or they may not be subtle at all and say something that outwardly belittles you. What then?

     One of the strongest pieces of armor you can forge for yourself in this crazy world is not armor at all—it's an antennae. Learn how to listen for the truth behind what people say. Learn how to ask the question: Is this how I would treat someone? Is this what I would say in the same situation? If not, then you must condemn (and ultimately forgive) them. What you must not do is internalize their harm and allow it to make you doubt yourself and your progress in your life and work. Only then will you be able to give yourself the best chance to produce something that's truly yours and truly amazing.

     Finally, fear (I believe) is the one thing that holds most people back in life. Overcome fear and you will find joy.


Happy Birthday,
Abby and Melissa!


Dream wonderful dreams
then dig in and do the work
that makes them come true...


With love,
~ Cleo Coyle



February 23, 2015

When is your next book coming out?

Hello Cleo, I have read all of the Clare books so far and can't put them down once I have started. I want to know when will the next book come out with Clare in DC with new adventures and what is Mike needing her for? Alta Smith 

Cleo's reply - Thank you for the kind note, Alta, I'm so pleased to know that you're enjoying my Coffeehouse Mysteries. The next book in the series (#15) is scheduled for release in December of this year (2015). I'll speak more about it in the coming months. I have subscribed you to my newsletter so you won't miss out on the news, early excerpts, and bonus recipes that I share with my readers. Thanks again, Alta, take care and...


May reading always bring you joy.
~ Cleo



February 17, 2015

Would like Russian recipe

..mentioned in Once Upon A grind. Unfortunately, it's not in the back of the book or on this website or your foodie blog!

Cleo's reply - Bonus recipes are posted as part of my foodie blogging. Many bonus recipes are freely available to you now, and I hope you enjoy them! The recipe you asked about is scheduled to go live later this year. In the mentime, stay subscried to my newsletter so you don't miss it and enjoy the free recipes now posted. Warmest wishes and keep in touch!

~ Cleo

February 16, 2015

Love the newsletter

I am always so happy to get the newsletter, all the little tidbits of fun info, pictures, recipes, contests, BOOKS. The tours are wonderful. You paint such a beautiful picture of New York City. I have always wanted to see Central Park and your tour is almost like being there.

Cleo's reply - My sincerest thanks to you for taking the time to leave me that very kind note. Marc and I have lived in New York for going on three decades now, and we've seen so many changes. It's a pleasure to share our love of the city with you--as well as our thoughts and insights on New York's changing face.

I hope you continue to enjoy our books and newsletters.
A new one will be going out in March.

Wishing you java joy,

~ Cleo



February 16, 2015

Frizzle burger

Do you remember this one? Same chipped ham mixed with American cheese and fried on the flat top till browned perfection?

Cleo's reply - Sweet chipped ham memories! You must be from Mister Rogers Neighborhood--or somewhere close by. Welcome and thanks for dropping by my message board!

"Someplace Special" love to you,

~ Cleo


February 15, 2015

Your recipes

...your recipes...are fabulous, yummy, extraordinary!!! and the pictures are so delectable too. are you a gourmet cook? Keep up the great stories - I LOVE all your books, cant get enough! only problem? your recipes are putting weight on my husband...lol. stay warm!

Cleo's reply - My mother and aunt, who were born in Italy, taught me to cook. My father made his own wine and (shhhh) whiskey and brandy. Dad also tended a very large vegetable garden (way before it was trendy). I learned to love whole food and espresso (again, long before these things were trendy). 

Food is in my blood. Several of my relatives own and run restaurants and many members of my extended family had amazing cooking and baking skills. Here in New York, my culinary education continues by way of foodie finds in ethnic neighborhoods. 

Living in Queens, New York, is a real education. Queens is the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world - (click here to read more). Simply moving through my own residential area introduces me to new culinary ideas--and it's a pleasure to share them with you.

Cooking is a pleasure for my husband, too, who has culinary roots of his own. I'm so glad you (and your happy husband) are enjoying our recipes, and I hope you continue to. Thanks so much for dropping by the message board and keep in touch!

~ Cleo



February 15, 2015

Black out cake recipe

Please send me the Black Out cake recipe (email deleted for privacy)

Thank you Thank you

Cleo's reply - Yes, but please do request this directly. Email me at CoffeehouseMystery(at)gmail(dot)com


February 13, 2015

Central Park video

Thank you so much for posting the videos of Central Park. I have long wished the see the park in person, I love in Ontario, Canada, but don't see myself traveling there in the near future. The videos were wonderful & made me feel almost like I was there. Again thanks so much.

Judi Ward
Fan from Canada

Cleo's reply - 

You made my day, Judi, thank you so much for your lovely note. It was very kind of you to take the time and trouble to drop by my message board and share your thoughts.

Central Park is a real treasure, and I think too many tourists miss the chance to see it. I hope you do get a chance to visit New York one day and see the park in person. In the meantime, I am delighted that my little *virtual* walking tour brought you a measure of pleasure. Sending caffeinated kisses to you up in Canada.

Warmest wishes always
and keep in touch!

~ Cleo






February 10, 2015

Blackout cake recipe? (Cleo is happy to help!)

I could not find your blackout cake recipe...[from your Coffeehouse Mystery Murder by Mocha]. Would really appreciate it!


Cleo's reply - 

I am delighted to learn that the scene in Murder by Mocha with the Blackout Cake left you wanting the recipe for your very own, and I am happy to share it with you!

I have already sent the recipe to many readers who have contacted me at CoffeehouseMystery(at)gmail(dot)com - If you send me an e-mail, I'll reply with the recipe.

With so many chocolate recipes packed into the appendix, Murder by Mocha is the perfect Valentine's Day read. For anyone interested, I am happy to share the recipe guide, below...

May you eat with mocha joy!

~ Cleo



Click Here for the 
free Recipe Guide to
Murder by Mocha...





February 9, 2015

Triple-chocolate Italian Cheesecake

I have been reading your books since you started. I am Italian and would love the recipe for the triple-chocolate Italian Cheesecake [from your Coffeehouse Mystery Billionaire Blend]. I have the Ricotta cheesecake from my Grandmother but would love this one. Thank you and Thank you for all your great books.

Oakland Park, FL

Cleo's reply - Linda, I am posting that recipe for Easter! I hope you will subscribe to my newsletter so you don't miss the recipe when it goes live. To subscribe, click here. Or simply drop back again around Easter time.

It's wonderful to hear that you have your grandmother's recipes. I cherish recipes from my beloved family members, too. In so many ways, the food and cooking we shared together brings them back to me.

For anyone new to this site or my books, my bonus recipes are part of my ongoing foodie blogging, and I am happy to share new recipes with readers and followers, using this site and my newsletter. I also have a new foodie blog that helpse me archive recipes, and I'm gradually adding to it.

Click here to jump to CleoCoyleRecipes.com

Thanks for dropping by, Linda, and thanks especially for reading my books!

Warmest wishes,

~ Cleo


Get the free Recipe Guide,
to Billionaire Blend,
by clicking here.


To learn more about the 
murder mystery storyline 
of Billionaire Blend
click here.





February 7, 2015

whens the 15th book coming out.

I absolutely love this series! Cosi is so me!! I want to know when will the 15th book come out? Huurryyyyy Love cc
January 31, 2015

Horse walk

i did not know that was called a horse walk. I've seen it before in other old homes but didn't know what it was. Learn something new each day :)
January 31, 2015

When exactly did Quinn confess his liking for Cosi?

I'm reading the series and am intrigued in knowing when exactly did Quinn and Clare hook up. In which book?


Cleo's reply -

Thank you for the question. For anyone new to these books, The Coffeehouse Mysteries are a series of light, amateur sleuth murder mysteries set in and around a landmark coffeehouse in New York's picturesque Greenwich Village. 

The series, which I write with my husband, is now celebrating over 10 years in print, with the first book, ON WHAT GROUNDS, in its 20th printing.

There are 14 books thus far, with the 15th coming later this year, and our readers are pulled along by the unfolding development of the characters in our books.


Our cast is a diverse one with quirky baristas, a flamboyant (and stylish) octogenarian coffeehouse owner, a globetrotting coffee hunter (with a checkered past), and a single-mom manager named Clare Cosi, who is trusted by her employees, her customers, and her neighbors in Greenwich Village.


When crime happens (as it does often in New York), the trust and friendship Clare has forged with her neighbors is what leads her to investigate the truth of what happened, especially when the crimes go unsolved. Clare will even put herself in danger to protect and defend her family, employees, and neighbors from harm--or from being falsely accused. 


Typically cops down coffee by the gallon during their tours and New York City cops are no exception. In the course of the series, Clare strikes up a friendship and then a relationship with an NYPD officer who works in her neighborhood's precinct. That officer's name is Mike Quinn.


While there are a number of unfolding personal stories in our series, many readers are especially interested in Clare's ongoing relationship with Mike. Below is a very brief summary of how that relationship begins to unfold...

NYPD Detective Quinn first meets (and is quite impressed by...) coffeehouse manager Clare Cosi in Book #1 of our series, ON WHAT GROUNDS.

In THROUGH THE GRINDER (Book #2), their acquaintanceship becomes a friendship and they have their first quiet dinner together, where Mike reveals some secrets about his personal life. By the end of the book, Mike is feeling protective of Clare and you will see what happens as a result.

In Book #3 LATTE TROUBLE, the affection between them has grown even more and there's an intense scene between them in that book.

Book #4 MURDER MOST FROTHY sends Clare to the rich and famous beaches of New York's Hamptons, where a perplexing murder keeps her occupied, along with her duties managing the coffee service at a posh new restaurant. With her rebellious daughter and flamboyant employer (Madame) joining her for the summer, Clare has her hands full with an unsolved crime and a suspect too close for comfort. This is a book where she also sorts out her conflicting feelings about Mike and his complicated personal situation.


BOOK #5 DECAFFEINATED CORPSE and BOOK #6 FRENCH PRESSED are the two books where Mike and Clare begin to take steps toward a serious relationship. But the challenges in front of them are just beginning... 

There are now 14 books in our series, and my husband and I are now writing #15, scheduled to be published in December of this year (2015)...


Free Title Checklist

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The Coffeehouse Mysteries, click here
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Thank for stopping by.
May you read with joy...
and keep in touch!

~ Cleo


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