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April 24, 2014

Movie or tv series?

Hi, I started reading the coffeehouse series with Billionaire Blend and now have only 3 more to read to have read them all... I like them all! I think any one of them would make a great movie, and a successful ongoing tv series as well. Any chance of this happening in the forseeable future? Aloha, Kit
April 16, 2014

Book #6

Hi, When will The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller be published? It's been a long time...and I really enjoy this series.

Cleo's reply - I'm so glad to hear that. I enjoy writing Pen and Jack. My husband and I write the books together, and we're happy to tell you that we have more books in the series under contract and we're working hard to get the next one in your hands. Be sure to subscribe to our newlsetter for updates. I'll have more news soon. Cheers and thanks again for your support as a reader, it means a lot to us!

~ Cleo/Alice


  VISIT OUR HAUNTED BOOKSHOP - For anyone who'd like to learn more about The Haunted Bookshop Mysteries, the 2nd series we write with books released under the name Alice Kimberly (and updating to release under Cleo Coyle), click here.



April 13, 2014


I just finished Through the Grinder and cant find the recipes. Can you help?

Cleo's reply - Sure. The recipes in my Coffeehouse Mystery, Through the Grinder, including coffee-marinated steak and hearty coffee gravy, are in the appendix of the book. Just turn to the very end of your paperback edition. Or scroll to the end of your e-book. Enjoy!

~ Cleo


March 31, 2014

Gotta love coffee and mysteries

Love, love, love the coffee house mysteries. When will the next one come out. So looking forward to book # 14. Jane
March 30, 2014

Italian Easter Pie Palmier Pin

I tried to pin this on pinterest It would not pin. Not sure why. and tried to find it on your pinterest and could not find it on your page. Help!

Cleo's quick reply:

The recipe for my Easter Pie Palmiers is now pinned to my "Cleo Coyle Recipes" Pinterest board. I have been too busy to keep this board up. Thank you for your interest!

To see the board and share the pin,
click this link:

To see the recipe on my blog, CLICK HERE.

HELPFUL NOTE FOR FUTURE PINNING:  Simply load the blog post you are interested in pinning. Look for the red "P" (for Pinterest) on the left. Hit it and you'll see all the photos come up that you can choose to pin from.

Just be sure the blog post is loaded! Don't try to do this from the main page where you get only partial pots. Hit the headline of the blog post and the full post will load. Then look for the P on the left, hit it, and you're good to go...

~ Cleo


March 28, 2014

Coffee and Ghosts!

Hello Cleo/Kimberly, Enjoy both series of books tremendously! I've learned so much about coffee reading your books and that makes them fun as well as valuable. The Haunted Bookshop series is intriguing and I agree with your other fans we need the next installment as soon as humanly possible. Thank you for sharing your talents! Question: What type of coffee maker to recommend for home? Appreciatively, Suzette
March 28, 2014

can't get enough

Just wanted to let you know I can't get enough of your coffee house series. I have to know what Clare is up to now. I am almost at the end of this series. Whats next for you. You have me hooked
March 28, 2014

A series to share

Hi, just want to let you know that I found your series at B&N and fell in love with it. Might be the fact that I love to dirnk coffee. Anyway I started it, shared it with my sisters and now my girlfriends. Thank you for writing a book that is enjoyable and makes me work to figure out who dun it. Not only would it make a great movie, it would make an awesome series:)
March 26, 2014

The Perfect Cast for Movie/TV :)

Here's a good lineup for the movie versions of the books... Clare: Lauren Graham; Matteo: Enrique Iglesias; Mike: Chris Evans (Captain America); Madame: Helen Mirren. :)
March 23, 2014

Flourless PB cookies

Hi, I just finished Billionaire Blend and enjoyed it! In the recipe section and in the book they referred to this cookie. I cannot find the recipe on the website or in which book it was published. Any help would be appreciated.


Cleo's reply - I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the book. Thank you!

The flourless peanut butter cookies are on the main page of this website with a link to the recipe post. To see the photo go to the main page of this site and scroll down. Or click here to jump to the recipe with joy!


March 21, 2014

Coffee house Mysteries

When will the next book come out? I really enjoy these books.

Cleo's reply - thank you! I am deep into writing the next book in the series, Coffeehouse Mystery #14. I'll post more about it soon and will certainly let you know when we get closer to publication. In the meantime, I can't thank you enough for your kind words and support of my books. 

My warmest wishes to you,

~ Cleo


March 21, 2014

Where is Pen? - CLEO REPLIES

When is the next Haunted Bookshop book coming out? We have been waiting nearly two years!

Cleo's reply - Look for the book late next year, and thanks for your patience with us. Marc and I are blessed with lots of work, and we just love writing the characters of Jack and Pen. More books are on the way to continue their stories, and we're very excited to provide them to you and so many other readers who have been patiently waiting. 

We wish you all the best and do keep in touch!

~ Cleo/Alice

If other readers are wondering what we're discussing, here's the scoop...


The Ghost and Mrs. McClure
is the first book in the
Haunted Bookshop Mysteries series


This is a "Cozy Noir" series featuring a bookshop owner named Penelope "Pen" McClure and the ghost who haunts her, Jack Shepard, the spirit of a hard-boiled private investigator who was gunned down in her shop sixty years ago.

The Haunted Bookshop series is the 2nd one Alice and Marc write together as a married couple. Their other series is the popular Coffeehouse Mystery series.

Learn more about the Haunted Bookshop Mysteries and find links to buy this book and the other four in the Haunted Bookshop Mysteries (there are five books in print thus with more under contract and on the way), by clicking here



Free Title Checklist

To see the Haunted Bookshop Mystery titles 
in order and read brief story summaries, 
click here.



March 20, 2014


when is your next newsletter going out? 

Cleo's reply - Yes! My new newsletter is coming very soon! The Haunted Bookshop Mystery series is one Marc and I enjoy writing. We'll have more news soon!

March 4, 2014

Reduced calorie or light recipes...

I truly enjoyed the recipes on your website. I love to cook and share what I make with my friends. However, I have to watch everything I eat to keep from gaining any weight. Do you have low calorie or light recipes? Thanks so much for that great website!!!! Connie
March 2, 2014

Two of my Favs: Coffee and Mystery Books.

Can't believe it took me this long to Discover the Village Blend. So glad I did.
February 26, 2014

A new devoted fan

Hello; I am reading “A brew to a kill”, and am so enjoying your writing, and the characters you have developed. Especially since I love coffee, am from New York and read “cozies”. Such fun!!! I can’t believe that I haven’t come across your books before, but rest assured I will catch up, and even try some of your delicious recipes. Please keep writing A new devoted fan Ilene G
February 24, 2014

Murder By Mocha Recipe

Question - In your Roasted Rock Cornish Game Hens with Rosemary and Lemon Butter recipe...

Cleo's reply - Oh, no! I can't see your entire question. Please do write to me at and I will be more than happy reply to your question via e-mail. That is an excellent recipe, by the way. Marc and I make it all the time. Thanks and looking forward to your e-mail.

~ Cleo

February 12, 2014

Question about Maple Bacon Breakfast muffins

I will be traveling this holiday weekend, and was looking to bake some muffins to eat in the hotel in the morning. (Will have fridge.) Do you think the Maple Bacon Muffins will travel well and taste okay cold? Perhaps warmed in the microwave? Or do they really need to be eaten immediately after baking? The recipe looks AMAZING!

Cleo's reply - 

These muffins are delicious. I think they're amazing, and I hope you do, too! They should re-warm beautifully in a microwave. Don't put them in there too long. Try 10 seconds and if you need more, zap it in short bursts only. Enjoy with a hot cuppa joe and you can't go wrong. Have a good trip and stay safe!

~ Cleo



Maple Bacon



For anyone who would
like the free recipe,
click here, and...

Eat with joy!

~ Cleo

February 7, 2014

Blackout Cake Recipe - Cleo Answered

Hi, As a kid of the 50's I have very fond memories of Ebbinger's Blackout Cake. Friends and relatives visiting from Brooklyn had to bring one to our home in Westchester. Your cake is no doubt delicious -- and I'd be happy to try it; but the real recipe would call for chocolate crumbs on top not smooth or scored frosting with florettes. Just sayin'. Steve Herbst

WOOPS - Steve must have missed THIS photo, which was also in my post! - Cleo

Cleo's reply - Thanks, Steve. As I mentioned in my post, the cake to which you are referring was not mine. It came from Brooklyn's Ladybird Bakery. This bakery bakes wonderful cakes for many occasions and uses the smoothly frosted top (on their Blackout Cake) to write Happy Birthday or Bar Mitzvah or whatever the customer would like. It was simply their interpretation of the Brooklyn Blackout Cake. And it made sense for their bakery business. And it was also very, very, very good!

As you (no doubt) know, there are many versions of the Blackout Cake out there in this day and age. And if you take a closer look at my post, you will see that I did indeed speak of Ebbinger's original cake, as well, AND showed you the one with chocolate crumbs on top (pictured above)!

I appreciate your need to "set the record straight," but as I've explained, there was no need to, lol!

I do thank you for dropping by my online coffeehouse and I'm very glad to hear you have fond memories of the Blackout Cake.

My very best to you and may you always eat with joy!

~ Cleo

February 5, 2014

Coffeehouse Mysteries - from book to TV series?!?

I just read Billionaire's Blend - then went back and read the first in the series, On What Grounds. Loved them! and look forward to reading all. Wouldn't this series make a wonderful TV series? I can picture the characters, the plots, the action - especially The Village Blend coffeehouse! Has the series has been optioned?

Cleo's reply - I'm so very happy you are enjoying the series, thank you kindly! (FYI - Business/press questions, such as what is happening with the dramatic option to the series, should be asked privately and a full name and e-mail address attached to the e-mail. Thanks for understanding...I can't talk about everything publicly, lol!

Cheers and thanks again!

~ Cleo


February 3, 2014


I am having a hard time finding your recipes.... I am snowed in and bored. Help!

Cleo's reply - Hi, "snowed in" - See one of my most popular recipes below. There is a link below the photo. Hit it and it will take you to my blog post where you will find the recipe.

Below the photo you will find a link to my foodie blog with many more recipes.

My best to you, stay warm and safe!

~ Cleo


Here's one of the
many examples of my recipes.
Chocolate Ricotta Muffins:

Click here 
for the Recipe.


To visit my Foodie Blog
with many more recipes,
click here.


May you eat
(and read) with joy!

~ Cleo




February 2, 2014

happy birthday!

May this be your best birthday, with even better birthdays to come ... thank you for years of reading pleasure!
geekette ... ellie

Cleo's reply -

Thank you, Ellie (geekette), I appreciate the lovely birthday wishes, and I *especially* appreciate your longtime reader support of my work. I really can't thank you enough for that.


~ Cleo



February 2, 2014

note to cleo




Cleo's reply -

Thank you, A2, I appreciate it! And here is a piece of my Black Forest birthday cake, just for you.


~ Cleo/Alice

Thanks again!

~ Cleo







January 30, 2014

Billionaire Blend on Kindle in UK

Hi please can you tell me when Billionaire Blend is out in Kindle format in the UK xx

Cleo's reply - Oh, my goodness, I don't know that. You will have to contact Amazon in the UK.  I'm so sorry, but that's just not something I can find out easily, and I've got writing deadlnes, as you know! Apologies and I hope you find an answer or are able to read it in another form.

My best to you. - Cleo

January 29, 2014

Audio Versions?

I love, love, LOVE the coffeehouse mysteries, and I also love the audio versions narrated by Rebecca Gibel (and produced by AudioGo). I notice that the last few books in the series don't have audio versions. Is there any reason for this, and better yet, is there any chance the latest books will be recorded? I would love to listen to them all!


Cleo's reply - 

Thank you kindly! Billionaire Blend does indeed have an audio version. The CD is now on sale for libraries at this link...


Yes, I know, you want the digital version! Well, I'm happy to report that Blackstone audio, which has merged with AudioGo, is catching up to releasing things digitally over the next year.

By the time Billionaire Blend comes out in its paperback edition (later this year), I'll know more abou the digital release schedule, including the "holiday special" Holiday Buzz, which was a separate contract. And those are the only titles we have to catch up with, I'm happy to say!




In the meantime, for my
new and longtime readers:


The Coffeehouse Mysteries are available in audiobook form. The productions are fantastic. The books are not just read but performed by a gifted voice actress. You can download them now at iTunes, Audible, Amazon, and wherever most consumers download digital audiobooks. 

Click here to see just one place (of many) that readers can purchace digital downloads of the Coffeehouse Mystery audio books.

~ Cleo


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April 24, 2014
Movie or tv series?
April 16, 2014
Book #6
April 13, 2014